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  • Culture

    Discover the strong hacker culture powering YourLabs


    Makes a hacker

    YourLabs does not believe hierarchy can dictate innovation, let your passion of solving problems drive your destiny. Don't work at or with YourLabs because you have to, but because you want to.


    Makes a decent Human being

    Love for the other Human beings is necessary to make valuable code, to try all solutions to solve an actual problem, find the most minimalist code possible and make it a pleasant read for the next hacker in front of it.


    Makes the greatest deal of your life

    At YourLabs, we never take your money in advance and you won't get a bill unless we're 100% sure of not only your satisfaction, but also that you get the best return on investment you could have for the said bill value on the market to ensure you make the best deal of your life with YourLabs, and at the same time we're open 24/7 waiting for your call.


    YourLabs Road-map


    Migrate from Docker orchestration with Ansible to Kubernetes


    Deploy GitLab projects to Kubernetes with dynamic environments


    Django ecosystem refactoring and development

    Almost there :)


    Django CRUD isomorphic refactor with React and Graphene experiment



    On it's way!

  • DJANgO Ecosystem & FRamework

    The community needs your help to continuously improve..........

  • Meet the FOUNder !



    Jamesie (AKA JPic), hacktivist, pirate-écolo, always looks to further innovate & contribute to the open-source world. A brilliantly ethical programmer, created the YourLabs Club to help and educate young and old people that have fallen off society's system and want another, different, shot at life. Whom ever you may be, if you would like to learn or improve your programming, design or project management (Agile) skills, come and join us at YourLabs Club and work with /learn from an internationally diverse team, in which everyone challenges and complements each other.



    Jamesie Pic (AKA JPic)

    20+ years of hacking experience

  • we're hiring!


    We're always financing work to complete & innovate open-source projects. Whatever your skills may be, we'll always find a way for you to help out on an open-source projet!
    We are based in South West of France and we consider that your life comes before your job, work mostly from home with your own planning, as employee or freelance contractor!


    WebDev Python / Django / Linux

    Freelancers from everywhere contact us !
    France: un poste salarié ouverte: hackeureuse web python, 4/5 jours en teletravail, 1/5 jours de "hack day", 1/5 jour sur-site (Bordeaux ou Toulouse selon projet), tout frais payés, salaire jusqu'a 5000 mensuels selon XP.

    WebDev HTML / CSS / JS

    Freelancers from everywhere contact us !
    France: un poste salarié ouverte: hackeureuse web front, mi-temps, tout frais payés, salaire jusqu'a 3000 mensuels selon XP. Poste en cours de developpement.

    DevOps GitLab / Kubernetes

    Freelancers from everywhere contact us !
    France: notre ecole en ligne et gratuite est ouverte pour les apprentis, des postes seront a pourvoir dans les mois a venir.

    UI / UX Designer

    Freelancers from everywhere contact us !

    3D Models Designer

    Freelancers from everywhere contact us !